MHPE Volunteer Resource Manual

Last updated: 
16 January 2020

Access resources designed to help you as a MHPE volunteer or trainer


The MHPE program provides basic health information across a range of topics, written for someone with moderate English literacy, and incorporates corresponding slides, activities and resources. The resources also contain a range of reflective and skill development materials.

The program retains its particular focus on the middle-aged and older male veteran community, but is now available for use by any community group or individual. Much of the material is written in a way that is also applicable to those who have not served in the military, and despite its title, with obvious exceptions is broadly relevant to males and females.

These program resources, both for the initial training and any subsequent topics, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

The resource manual consists of nine health topics and corresponding resources grouped across three modules: health promotion, illness prevention and health management. The training also includes skill topics and awareness sessions. The topics and resources can be downloaded and printed or used electronically. If printed they are best placed behind numbered tabs (31) to follow the set out of the resource below:

Contents and general notes section

Induction modules – notes and resources

Skills training - notes and resources

Health promotion modules

Introduction notes and resources

Eat well-eat smart notes and resources

Be active for life notes and resources

Social participation notes and resources

Getting a good night’s sleep notes and resources

Illness prevention modules

Introduction notes and resources

Cancer and its prevention notes and resources

Health Management modules

Introduction notes and resources

Living with chronic disease or chronic pain notes and resources

Mental health and mental illness: put your mind At-Ease notes and resources

Alcohol and other drugs: The Right Mix notes and resources

Talking with your doctor (and other health professionals) notes and resources