Medical grade footwear

Last updated: 
24 January 2020

Medical grade footwear (MGF) can be ready-made or modified to your requirements.

What is the MGF Program

The Program aims to provide MGF and related services, including footwear modification and repairs.

MGF may be prescribed when readily available everyday footwear cannot be used or modified due to your foot structure or clinical reasons.

What is considered MGF

MGF is footwear clinically prescribed to accommodate and/or correct abnormal foot and/or ankle structure or significant deformity.

MGF can be either of the following:

  • ready-made extra depth and/or width MGF listed on DVA's MGF Register
  • custom made MGF which meet DVA’s technical specifications, is manufactured by a person or organisation contracted to DVA, and has been approved by DVA for supply

Who is eligible for MGF

If you are a Veteran Gold Card holder, you may be eligble to obtain clinically prescribed footwear when you have an assessed clinical need and your foot structure meets the criteria for MGF.

If you are a Veteran White Card holder, you may be eligble to obtain clinically prescribed footwear when you have an assessed clinical need due to a disability accepted by DVA as being related to your service.

When will DVA not pay for MGF

DVA will not pay for MGF if the provision is for any of the following:

  • inappropriate styles of shoes (for example, runners/sneakers, slippers, slip-on style shoes, open heeled sandals/shoes or orthotic sandals or shoes)
  • shoes provided for the sole purpose of accommodating orthoses. Your provider should be able to fit orthoses in appropriate off-the-shelf footwear.

How do I access MGF

Stage Description

The following table demonstrates the stages of accessing MGF for eligible DVA clients.


Your doctor writes a referral to an assessing health provider (i.e. podiatrist or specialist) to assess your need for MGF.


If clinically required, the assessing health provider writes a prescription for MGF and refers you to a DVA-registered MGF supplier.


The MGF supplier organises any necessary DVA approvals and fits you with suitable MGF.


The MGF supplier sends the MGF to the assessing health provider who will organise an appointment with you to check the fit and issue the shoes.

Will DVA pay for modifications to my own footwear

If you do not meet the criteria for MGF but clinically require modifications to your own suitable footwear, DVA may pay for the modification(s) e.g. heel raises, rocker soles and heel flares.

Will DVA replace my MGF if it is no longer suitable or worn out?

Yes, MGF can be replaced when it no longer suits your clinical needs or is worn and deemed unrepairable by your assessing health professional.