Aids, appliances and home modifications

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We may be able to help you with a range of equipment and modifications to help you stay independant and active.

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What are aids, equipment and home modifications

We can provide you with a range of medical aids, equipment and home modifications to improve your quality of life and help you remain independent in your home and community. The items you can access depend on what you need.

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Who can receive them

You may be eligible if you have an assessed clinical need and either:

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How you access

See your general practitioner (GP). They will either assess your clinical needs or refer you to an appropriate health professional who will do the assessment.

Your GP or health professional will help you work out which items will best meet your needs. They will complete a direct order form and send it to our supplier. If an item needs special approval, they will contact us with a request. Depending on what items you require your GP may arrange for the items to be delivered and installed in your home at no cost to you.

If your treating doctor or health professional needs more information they can either:

We will arrange the delivery of items to your home free of charge.

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What you can receive

We can provide items to help you with:

  • continence
  • diabetes monitering, including access to educators and organisations
  • falls prevention including non-slip mats, lights, and rails
  • low vision aids
  • speech and swallowing difficulties
  • equipment to help your mobility 

We can also provide items such as:

  • oxygen
  • positive airway pressure (PAP) machines
  • cognitive, dementia and memory assistive technology
  • personal response systems (PRS), an alarm which allows you to get help quickly in an emergency
  • home modifications
  • medical grade footwear
  • prostheses
  • hearing appliances
  • assistance dogs
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What to tell your doctor

Let your treating doctor or health professional know if:

  • If your needs have changed
  • your product or item is no longer needed or needs repair or replacement
  • you are travelling and need portable equipment such as oxygen supplies
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Things you should know

  • If you need help to return to work, a rehabilitation assessment may recommend the supply of modified workplace equipment.
  • We will arrange delivery of your items to your home free of charge.
  • If you request items through us you cannot make the same request through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
  • If you use oxygen supplies and you are travelling by plane, contact your airline as they may have special requirements.
  • We will cover the cost of repairs and replacements of medical aids, equipment or modifications if they are lost or damaged.
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