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This page provides information about the compensation that can be awarded for funeral expenses under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) following the death of a member or former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

For information about who is covered under MRCA, refer to Overview of the MRCA.

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When can funeral expenses be paid?

Compensation can be awarded for the cost(s) of the funeral of a deceased member if:

  • liability for the deceased member or former member’s death has been accepted under the MRCA;
  • the deceased member received the Special Rate Disability Pension (SRDP) or was eligible to receive the SRDP during some period of his or her life; or
  • the deceased member was entitled to the maximum rate of permanent impairment compensation for accepted conditions immediately before his or her death (i.e. assessed at 80 or more impairment points).

To apply, please fill out DVA Form D2053 and return to DVA.

*Note: - The ADF currently meets all costs of a military funeral of ADF members who die while still serving. If the cost of a member’s funeral is met by the ADF, no funeral expenses are payable under the MRCA.

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Who receives the payment for funeral expenses?

Funeral expenses can be paid under the MRCA directly to the person who made the claim (including the deceased’s dependant or legal personal representative). If the funeral expenses have not been paid, the MRCA provides that funeral expenses up to the maximum amount payable can be awarded to the person or company which is conducting, or which conducted, the funeral.

For information regarding the maximum amount payable, refer to Compensation payment rates for MRCA.

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Official commemoration

Certain groups of Australian veterans are eligible for official commemoration.

The Office of Australian War Graves provides standard memorials in:

  • A cemetery or lawn cemetery
  • A crematorium
  • An Office of Australian War Graves Garden of Remembrance.

Our page on Official Commemoration will tell you who is eligible for an official commemoration.

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