Desktop Electronic Magnifiers

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AN11 [refer to RAP Schedule]


A Desktop Electronic Magnifier consists of a system connected to a dedicated monitor for the purpose of magnifying text and other images, to assist people with low vision.


The DVA client must have an assessed clinical need and a:

  • Gold Card; or
  • White Card with an accepted condition relating to the clinical need for the equipment.

The client’s assessed clinical need is:

  • distance vision (corrected) in the range of 6/60 or worse with the better eye, and/or one or more of the following:
    • near vision (corrected) in the range of N14, or worse;
    • significant field defects;
    • no measurable near vision.


Suitably qualified health provider

Desktop Electronic Magnifiers must be prescribed by a suitably qualified assessing health provider. For this item,  these include:

  • Low Vision Clinic (LVC); or
  • Optometrist (Op).

Prior approval

Prior approval is required for the supply of Desktop Electronic Magnifiers. There is a limit of 1 system per person.

Deciding on the most appropriate item

An assessment should determine if the client has a sufficient level of physical and cognitive function to operate the equipment. Conduct a trial with the client if possible.

Request for item

  1. Complete the D9257 RAP Low Vision Products Order Form.
  2. Send the completed form and the assessment report with any supporting documentation to DVA rapgeneralenquiries [at] for consideration through the prior approval process.
  3. Once you receive notification of approval from DVA, the item can be ordered for the client from a DVA contracted supplier.

Supporting documentation for prior approval request

The following supporting documentation and/or information must be attached with the prior approval request:

  • clinical information to recommending the need for a Desktop Electronic Magnifiers to support a clinical need;
  • indication of alternative equipment trialled or considered to meet the clinical need; and
  • an itemised quotation including support and training requirements if approved.

Additional information

Australian Standards and legislative requirements

There are currently no Australian Standards for Desktop Electronic Magnifiers. If Australian Standards are introduced and compliance requirement would apply.

Health Provider Hotline

1800 550 457
Health Providers can contact DVA for any enquiries by calling the Provider Hotline: (Please press Option 1 when prompted for RAP, or Option 3 for prior health approvals).

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