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We cover the cost of many services to support the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families. Our printable guides and Veterans’ HealthPathways tool gives you the basics on what we offer, how to refer, as well as services you can provide and how to get paid for them.

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DVA Basics

The DVA Basics quick guide reminds you to ask your patient if they’ve served, which Veteran Cards to look out for and what they cover, as well as key DVA contacts for you and your veteran patient.

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Veterans’ HealthPathways

You can check if your local HealthPathways has the Veterans’ Health Assessment and Veterans’ Referral pathways. These provide a real time online guide to assess and refer your veteran patient during your consult with them. If your local HealthPathways doesn’t include these Veterans’ Pathways, please enquire with your Primary Health Network about having them added. 

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DVA Claiming

The DVA Claiming quick guide reminds you of the item numbers for different DVA programs and the associated tools and supports available for those programs.

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DVA health and community services

The DVA Health and community services for DVA clients quick guide lists services we offer veterans and their families, who’s eligible and how your patient can access these services.

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Veterans’ Health Check

The Veteran's Health Check quick reference guide takes GPs through this comprehensive health assessment, tailored to those who have served in the Australian Defence Force.

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Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program

The Coordinated Veterans' Care Program information flyer provides GPs and veterans with information about the CVC Program, which provides coordinated care for eligible veterans with chronic conditions.

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Compensation claims

The medical assessments you provide support veterans with their compensation claims. Use our compensation Quick Tips to find out what you need to do and how you can get paid.

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Treating a patient with cancer

This printable and easy to follow guide provides general practitioners and specialists the information they need when presented with a veteran patient who has a cancer diagnosis.

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