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The Veterans' Home Care program helps eligible veterans and their dependents who need low-level care at their own homes. They must have a Veteran Gold Card or Veteran White Card.

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What the program offers

The VHC program provides home care services to maintain the health, wellbeing and independence of eligible veterans and their families. 

The VHC service includes:

  • domestic help
  • personal care
  • respite care
  • home and garden maintenance (safety-related)
  • lawn mowing (does not need to be safety-related)

Veterans may also benefit from Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) Social Assistance which is a short term service to help them re-engage in community life through social contact or accompaniment to a social activity. 

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Who can get home care

This program is for those who need low levels of care and not for those who need high levels or complex care.

The target group for the VHC service are clients who:

  • have a Veteran Gold Card
  • have a Veteran White Card with an accepted service-related condition
  • are living at home 
  • need low levels of care

A VHC assessment agency can assess your client and decide if they qualify for home care.

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To assess a client

As a health care provider, you can ask the VHC Assessment Agency to organise an assessment of your client's needs by contacting the VHC Assessment Agency on on 1300 550 450.

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Contact us

For general enquiries about the VHC program call our Health Provider Line on 1800 550 457.

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