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This page outlines services to help veterans and their families stay well at home and get from A to B safely.

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Help at home

Veterans’ Home Care can assist with household tasks for eligible veterans and dependants.

Our Community Nursing Program provides clinically required nursing and personal care services for eligible Veteran Card holders in their home. You can refer to this program using the DVA referral form, the Community Nursing referral form or your own letterhead. Referrals should be sent to a DVA contracted Community Nursing provider.

Attendant care is available to eligible veterans requiring temporary or ongoing personal care services to meet essential needs because of a service-related injury or condition.

Household services can be provided to eligible veterans that need help to run and maintain their home because of a service-related injury or condition.

Respite care provides in-home respite, residential respite and emergency short-term home relief for carers providing care to a person who is frail or severely incapacitated.

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Get transport for a Veteran Card holder when they travel to a medical appointment.

Motor vehicle support, like modifications to a vehicle, may be subsidised by DVA for eligible veterans with an accepted condition(s) that:

  • limits their ability to drive safely
  • severely reduces their mobility.

Financial assistance may be granted under the Motor Vehicle Compensation Scheme or the Vehicle Assistance Scheme.

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