Fee schedules for GPs and specialists

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The fee schedules detail the item numbers and fees for health services provided to members of the veteran community.

We provide software vendor files for commercial software organisations to update practice management software with the latest fee schedules.

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Medical services

Fee schedules for medical services are available for download:

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Software vendor files

Previous software vendor files

Previous software vendor files are available at Historical software vendor files.

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Indexation arrangements

DVA Claiming Quick Guide

This printable, easy to follow DVA Claiming – Quick Guide (PDF 381 KB) provides general practices the basics when claiming for key DVA services.

Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and DVA

Indexation of DVA medical and allied health services generally occurs annually on 1 July. This is consistent with indexation arrangements for the MBS. Indexation arrangements may change subject to government policy.

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For any queries about fees, prior approvals and fee schedules please contact our Health Provider Line on 1800 550 457.

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Other information

For information about allied health provider schedules and vendor files, please visit Dental and allied health fee schedules.

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