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Applications to supply optical dispensing services

Optical Dispensers wishing to provide services to entitled persons are required to register with DVA by filling out the Optical Registration Form and returning it to:

Department of Veterans' Affairs
Primary Health Partners
GPO Box 9998
Melbourne VIC 3001


provider.support [at] dva.gov.au

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Supply of spectacle frames

How are spectacle frames obtained?

Contracted optical dispensers are able to obtain frames for entitled persons from the supplier of their choice. Optical dispensers are able to choose which frames they stock, although the frames still need to be provided at the prices outlined in the visual aids pricing schedule.

For more information view the Fee schedules page for visual aids schedule.

Quality and in-store range

Service agreements with optical dispensers include quality assurance clauses to govern the quality of frames supplied. DVA monitors contracted optical dispensers to ensure proper compliance with these clauses.

Each optical dispenser location is required to stock a minimum range of 20 different appropriate frames (representative of the various age groups of entitled persons) to ensure clients have plenty of choice. These frames must be on display and easily identifiable.

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Prescribing pharmaceuticals by optometrists under the Repatriation Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme (RPBS)

The list of pharmaceuticals approved for prescribing by optometrists can be found on the Department of Health website.

Enquiries regarding RPBS optometrical items, including prior approval applications, can be directed to the Veterans’ Affairs Pharmaceutical Advisory Centre (VAPAC) or contact DVA (VAPAC) (24hr free call).

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