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Find the information you need to deliver and claim for neuropsychology services to Veteran Card holders. 

If you’re a member of the veteran community, please see Mental Health Care

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DVA Forms

Visit Provider forms to access all the forms you need to do business with DVA. This includes forms for prior approvals, RAP orders and claims.

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Become a DVA health care provider

If you are a neuropsychologist with a Medicare provider number, you are able to provide and claim for neuropsychology services to entitled DVA clients.

For further information, please visit the DVA website at Becoming a DVA health care provider, or contact DVA on 1800 550 457

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Services covered by Veteran Cards – Gold and White

Please check full details about card entitlements to ensure your client’s condition is covered at: What DVA health cards cover.

A Veteran Card – Gold or White covers treatment that is clinically necessary:

  • for all conditions, if the patient holds a Veteran Gold Card 
  • for specific, accepted conditions only, if the patient holds a Veteran White Card. White Card holders can also access assessment and treatment for mental health conditions from a neuropsychologist, under Non-Liability Health Care arrangements.

If you are unsure whether a DVA client is eligible to receive neuropsychology services, contact us on 1800 550 457.

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A referral is required from a medical practitioner for neuropsychological assessments undertaken with DVA clients.

Requests to DVA for approval of an assessment must include this referral and a rationale for the time requested to undertake the assessment.

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DVA Provider Notes 

By accepting a patient’s Veteran Card – Gold or White, you agree to follow the Notes that apply to your profession.

The Notes are legally binding, and it is your responsibility to become familiar with them. They are divided into two sections, and you need to comply with both.

Section 1: General notes for allied health providers

Section 2: Notes specific to mental health providers, including neuropsychologists

Also refer to:

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Schedule of Fees

The Schedule of Fees – Neuropsychologists defines the treatments and services you can provide to DVA clients and the payment amounts you can claim.

By accepting a Veteran Card - Gold or White, you agree to accept the DVA fee as full payment. You cannot charge the Veteran Card holder any ‘gap’ fee.

For your profession’s up-to-date schedule, visit DVA Fee Schedules.

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Visit Provider claims for full details on how to claim payment from us.

Please note you are responsible for your provider number and you will be accountable for any claiming errors.

If someone else submits claims on your behalf, you should ensure the information they enter is accurate.

Your provider number cannot be shared, and multiple providers cannot claim under the one provider number. The provider who owns the number will be responsible for any misuse.

For invoicing and billing enquiries, call 1300 550 017.

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Your obligations

Each year DVA reviews unusual provider claiming, which may result in an education process or financial recoveries.

For full details about complying with DVA requirements, please refer to Provider compliance.

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Prior approvals

For neuropsychology assessments in excess of four hours, or where exceptional circumstances apply, you will need to submit to DVA a request for prior financial approval, stating the estimated time and cost.

You must ask DVA for prior approval before providing the treatment.

To submit a request, please complete the D1328 Treatment Prior Financial Approval Request Form  and email it to health.approval [at]

For inquiries, contact DVA on 1800 550 457.

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Non-Liability Health Care

Neuropsychologists can deliver and claim for mental health care services to DVA White Card holders who are eligible to receive treatment under Non-Liability Health Care arrangements.

DVA encourages health providers to alert their veteran patients to the mental health support available to them, including under Non-Liability Health Care.

For further information, please refer to the Non-Liability Health Care page for health providers on the DVA website.

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Mental health resources for providers and veterans

The health professionals page on the Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling service website includes a suite of mental health resources and information to support you when treating DVA clients.

These include case formulation tools, on-line training courses, and free, CPD accredited, webinars on veteran mental health.

Open Arms has also developed innovative self-help tools and resources for veterans and families, including mobile apps, videos, publications, case studies and peer stories.

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