Home care packages and other non-DVA aged care

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Home Care Package provided by My Aged Care

A Home Care Package is a combination of care, support and clinical services to help you continue living in your home. You may receive these services if you do not get the same service from us.

We don't directly provide Home Care Packages, but you may need to come to us so we can work out how much you'll need to pay.

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Assessing your care needs

To work out what kind of care you'll need, you should contact the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for an assessment, or Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) in Victoria on 1800 200 422.

You can also apply for an assessment online or on behalf of someone else by using the Apply for an Assessment online form as an alternative to calling the My Aged Care contact centre.

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Assessing the fees you pay

Before you receive a Home Care Package, you'll need to have your income assessed. This assessment will help to work out how much you can contribute to your care.

You may need to pay:

  • a basic fee which all care recipients pay
  • an income tested fee if appropriate

Your income will be assessed by us or by My Aged Care, depending on what payments you receive. You should contact us for your assessment if you're receiving any of the following:

You should also come to us if you're an Australian ex-prisoner of war or Victoria Cross recipient, because we will pay your basic daily fee and income-tested care fee.

In all other cases you should contact My Aged Care for your income assessment.

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How you apply

You will most likely need to fill out and return a form showing your income.

You can request an auto-assessment if both applies:

  • you're receiving a Service Pension, Social Security Age Pension through DVA or Income Support Supplement
  • your income details are up to date with us

If you're receiving a Service Pension, Social Security Age Pension or Income Support Supplement and your income details aren't up to date with us, you can contact us to update them. When you've done this, we can auto-assess your case.

You can also use this form for any aged care income assessments; you will need to complete and mail it to us with all required documents.

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Other services from My Aged Care

Commonwealth Home Support Program

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) helps senior Australians access basic support services to live independently and safely at home.

Short-term restorative care

A 12-week help at home program to help you manage and adapt to your changing needs. 

Transition care

A short-term program to help you regain your independence after a hospital stay.

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Things you should know

  • If we don't have your current income details, you may need to pay the maximum fees for your Home Care Package.
  • If you have a complaint about the quality of your care, you can contact the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner.
  • If you receive the maximum rate of Service Pension, Social Security Age Pension or Income Support Supplement, you'll only be asked to pay the basic daily fee.
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