The outcome of the Parliamentary Inquiry

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This page provides information about the Government Response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the concerns of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F-111 deseal/reseal and other fuel tank maintenance workers.

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When was the Inquiry conducted and why?

The Parliamentary Inquiry was established as a result of a Labor election commitment in 2007. It considered the Government services available to F-111 personnel in response to the Study of Health Outcomes in Aircraft Maintenance Personnel (SHOAMP). The Inquiry was conducted by the Defence Sub-Committee of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. The Committee held six public hearings between 30 May 2008 and 17 April 2009 and considered more than 130 submissions.

The Committee tabled its report in Parliament on Thursday 25th June 2009.

The Inquiry examined the health and compensation issues surrounding F-111 fuel tank maintenance workers and their families. It was tasked with examining the health effects on workers; the adequacy of the Government response to that point in time; and whether the overall handling and administration of the F-111 health and compensation schemes was sufficient.

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What was the outcome of the Parliamentary Inquiry?

In its report, Sealing a just outcome: Report from the Inquiry into RAAF F-111 Deseal/Reseal workers and their families, the Parliamentary Inquiry made 18 recommendations to Government. The recommendations broadly relate to:

  • health care and support for F-111 fuel tank maintenance workers and their families;
  • access to compensation under presumptive arrangements for conditions associated with F-111 deseal/reseal and other fuel tank maintenance work;
  • access to ex-gratia payments;
  • occupational health and safety issues specific to the Australian Defence Force;
  • continuing statistical analysis and review of health issues affecting personnel; and
  • medical research to help understand the underlying factors for these medical conditions.

The former Government accepted 14 of the Inquiry’s 18 recommendations, some in modified form, some in part and some in full.

A copy of the report is available online at House of Representatives Committees – jfadt/deseal_reseal/report.htm – Parliament of Australia

The former Government response can be found on the Parliamentary website at

Status Reports on the progress of implementing the 14 accepted recommendations are also available via the F-111 website.

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