Help with the cost of child care

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We may be able to help eligible veterans and widowed partners pay the costs of child care.

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What is it

Short-term child care to help you or your family while you are taking part in a DVA Rehabilitation Program in times when child care is identified as being needed. 

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Who can receive it

You may be approved for support if you:

  • have undertaken warlike service on or after July 2004
  • are engaged in a DVA Rehabilitation Program
  • are eligible for, or getting Incapacity Payments; and
  • have an identified need for child care, as lack of child care is a barrier to you achieving your goals in your DVA Rehabilitation Plan

Your child will also need to:

Support is also available to widowed partners under this package.

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How to access services 

Talk with your rehabilitation provider to arrange an assessment of your needs. 

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How much can I get

DVA will make payments directly to your child care provider. How much support you receive will be linked to your needs to achieve your rehabilitation goal/s. 

The maximum amount that we can pay is based on your child's age:

  • $10,000 for each child under school age
  • $5,000 for each child that is primary school age
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What you need to tell us

  • if you become unwell and cannot participate in your rehabilitation 
  • if your circumstances change and you can now meet your child care needs without additional support 
  • when you have ceased or closed your rehabilitation plan
  • if you plan to move overseas
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Important information 

  • Child care provided through informal arrangements such as care provided by relatives, friends, or neighbours cannot be funded through the Family Support Package.
  • Family Support Package Child care is not available to you if you live overseas. 
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