DFISA bonus

Last updated: 
20 January 2020

This page explains what the DFISA bonus is, who can receive it and how it is calculated. It needs to be read in conjunction with Defence Force Income Support Allowance (DFISA)

DFISA bonus

If your social security Pension Bonus is reduced because of the inclusion of adjusted disability pension in the assessment of your age pension, you may be entitled to a DFISA bonus.

How DFISA bonus is calculated

The DFISA bonus is equal to the difference between the Pension Bonus you receive under social security law, and the amount that you would have received if adjusted disability pension had not been included in the assessment of your age pension.

Do I need to claim the DFISA bonus?

No. Any amount of DFISA bonus payable will be calculated automatically, using the details from your age pension claim. There is no need to claim the DFISA bonus separately.

Who calculates and pays the DFISA bonus?

If you submit your claim for age pension and the pension bonus to Centrelink, Centrelink will calculate the DFISA bonus. If you submit your claims to DVA, DVA will calculate the DFISA bonus.

Regardless of which agency you claim through, DVA will pay the DFISA bonus.