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Veteran and Community Grants

What are Veteran and Community Grants?

Veteran and Community Grants are for activities and services which improve the health and wellbeing of members of the veteran community.

For example, the grant can provide seed funding for projects which promote a healthy lifestyle or help veterans to remain living independently in their own homes. They can also fund programs to reduce social isolation, support carers and improve access to community services.

All the details about:

  • what can be funded through Veteran and Community Grants
  • who is eligible to apply
  • what you need to include in your application

is in the Veteran and Community Grants Opportunity Guidelines (the guidelines).

Read the guidelines carefully before you start your application. You can find these guidelines and additional information about how to apply, on the Community Grants Hub.

Who can apply for a Veteran and Community Grant?

Ex-service organisations, veterans' groups, community organisations and private companies are all eligible to apply for Veteran and Community Grants.

For full details see the above-mentioned and linked guidelines.

How do I apply for a Veteran and Community Grant?

You apply for a Veteran and Community Grant online through the Australian Government's Community Grants Hub.

What if I need help to apply online?

Assistance can be provided through the Community Grants Hub. Please email or phone 1800 020 283 for assistance.

If you think you will need any help, please ask for help early. This will ensure any issues can be worked through in time for your application to be considered for funding.

When do applications close?

Applications are accepted continuously up to the closing date.

Applications are assessed and funded in four batches.  The dates for these batches are available through the Community Grants Hub.

The dates for the first-three batches indicate when your application will be assessed. They are not deadlines that you need to meet. However, the last date and time listed is the final closing date and time for these grants.

Approved grants lists

For information on grants awarded and approved grants see Approved grants.

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