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Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Programme Frequently Asked Questions

Two categories of grants are available under the Saluting Their Service (STS) Commemorative Grants Programme:

  1. Community Commemorative Grants (CCG)
  2. Major Commemorative Grants (MCG)


  1. What are the closing dates for STS applications?
    Closing dates for the different categories of STS grants can be found in Section 2.2 of STS Programme Guidelines.
  2.  How much can I apply for?

    Community Commemorative Grants (CCG)

    Grants up to a maximum of $4,000 are available for community-based commemorative projects and activities.

    Major Commemorative Grants (MCG)

    Grants in excess of $4,000 are available for projects and activities that are significant, usually from a national, state or territory perspective.

  3. Further information on capping of certain items / projects can be found in Section 1.6 of the STS Programme Guidelines.
  4. Do I need to provide quotes with my application?

    Quotes must be provided with your application for items that you are seeking funding for. It is recognised that a quote may not always be obtainable. In this case you must provide details of how your figures were calculated.

  5. Items that I would like to seek funding for are not on the list of eligible items in the Programme Guidelines, can I still apply for these items?

    It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of items / projects that may be eligible for funding. Providing the items you are seeking are directly connected to the delivery of the project you should include them for consideration.

  6. Can I seek reimbursement for projects that have already been paid for prior to submission of an application?

    No.  Project items that have already been paid for or ordered are not eligible for funding. Applications that include tax invoices, purchase orders or receipts will be considered as expenditure already incurred and therefore ineligible.

  7. Can I start my project / order project items after I submit my grant application?

    Yes.  Project items that are ordered or paid for after an application has been submitted will still be eligible for consideration. There is, however, no guarantee that an application will be approved for funding. As such, each applicant must weigh the risk of payment for any project components prior to the outcome of an application.

  8. Can individuals apply for funding?

    No.  Individuals and ineligible organisations seeking funding must be auspiced (supported) by an eligible organisation (refer STS Programme Guidelines Section 1.3) who will apply on their behalf.  

    If your total project costs exceed $10,000 the organisation that is auspicing your project will also need to be incorporated (refer Programme Guidelines section 1.3.3).

  9. What is the maximum amount available for a Major Commemorative Grant (MCG)?

    There is no maximum, however applicants should be aware that there are limited funds available and that applications are ranked against the criteria and prioritised against other eligible applications in the same round. This means that only the highest scoring applications for each round are likely to be offered funding.

  10. Will GST be paid on top of my approved grant amount?

    No.  STS grants are classified as financial assistance payments with no taxable supply made by the grantee to DVA.

    Further information on GST issues can be found in Section 6.2 of the STS Programme Guidelines.

  11. Who can I contact if I need further information or am having difficulty filling in the form?

    You can contact the Commemorative Grants Section at or by phone on freecall 1800 555 254.

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