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YVF - Summary 12 March 2015 meeting

The Forum convened in Canberra on Thursday 12 March 2015 for the fourth time.

Discussions covered a range of topics including:

  • Rehabilitation and Support Division  Update
  • Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme;
  • Mental and Social Health Update;
  • Veteran homelessness;
  • DVA Website Redesign update; and
  • Understanding the DVA Health Card Arrangements.

Rehabilitation and Support Division Update

Members received an update on the Rehabilitation and Support initiatives including:

  • Special Rate Disability Pension Review – The review is being undertaken in response to a recommendation of the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Review.  A Steering Committee has been formed and will receive feedback from a consultative group formed through the ESO Round Table;
  • Business Process Changes in Rehabilitation and Support; and
  • A progress update on the Rehabilitation Review Project.

Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme

Members received an overview of the three Transition & Wellbeing Research Programme studies. The surveys should be in the field by June 2015.

The Transition & Wellbeing Research Programme incorporates three studies:

  • Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme: The Impact of Combat Study;
  • Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme: The Mental Health & Wellbeing Transition Study; and
  • Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme: The Family Wellbeing Study

Mental and Social Health Update

Members were advised of the social health strategy that will soon be released to the public.

Veteran homelessness

Members were advised that the Department is working to get a better and more reliable understanding of the numbers of veterans who are or in danger of becoming homeless, and will be working with the ESO community to deal with the underlying issues that may lead to homelessness.

Understanding the DVA Health Card Arrangements

The members noted there was a misconception that there had been changes to the health card arrangements. Members received clarification that the only change occurred on the 1 January 2015 and was to optometry where cardholders over 65 now have annual eye testing consultations and cardholders under 65 would have 3 yearly tests, in line with changes made by the Department of Health.

DVA Website Redesign update

The members were provided with a demonstration of the redesigned DVA website that was launched in December 2014

The next Forum will meet on Wednesday, 22 July 2015.

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