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YVF - Summary 5 November 2014 meeting

The Forum convened in Canberra on Wednesday 5 November 2014 for the third time.

Discussions included:

  • the redevelopment of the DVA Website;
  • the Review of Veterans’ Advocacy Training;
  • a Veterans’ Employment Initiative;
  • the expansion of non-liability health care cover; and
  • the Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme.

The Redevelopment of the DVA Website

Members were given a demonstration of the redevelopment of the DVA Website that is due to soon be released. The changes made are reflective of usage statistics and consultation with users.

The Review of Veterans’ Advocacy Training

Members noted that consultation was currently underway in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland and that over 50 written submissions had been received. The final report into Veterans’ Advocacy Training was still being drafted.

Veterans’ Employment Initiative

Members were updated on the progress of the pilot Veterans’ Employment Assistance Initiative. The pilot programme involves around 50 clients and forms part of the individual’s rehabilitation programme.

Expansion of non-liability health care cover

Members received information on the implementation of changes to non-liability health care that came into effect on 1 July 2014. The changes focus on expanding the mental health conditions covered to include alcohol and substance use, and changes to the eligibility of members with peacetime service.

The Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme

Members were informed of the progress to date of the Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme. The programme seeks to survey the 25,000 contemporary service personnel who transitioned between 2010 to 2014.

Member submissions covering a range of matters were also discussed. These included:

  • after hours emergency contact with DVA;
  • the definition of material contribution;
  • specialist medical review for permanent impairment; and
  • an update on streamlining claims relating to lower back, neck and hips. 

The next Forum will meet in 2015.

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