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Client Satisfaction Survey

The 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey

Learning more about client experiences with the services and support that DVA provides is the best way for us to understand how we can improve the way we serve veterans and their families.

One key way in which DVA is able to capture statistically robust feedback across a representative sample of the entire client base, is through the Client Satisfaction Survey.

As per the 2016 Survey release, the 2018 Survey results are presented in both a high level Fact Sheet and more detailed Results Summary.

The 2018 Survey questions are also available:

What is the Client Satisfaction Survey?

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) periodically commissions a Client Satisfaction Survey to collect information about its clients’ experiences with the services and support it provides. This information helps DVA to identify improvements that can be made to ensure the Department continues to meet clients’ needs.

How is the Survey conducted?

The Client Satisfaction Survey gathers feedback from a sample of people who receive services from DVA. This includes a full range of clients; men and women of all ages, veterans, war widows/ers, current and ex-serving members of the ADF, carers and dependents, from all states and territories within Australia.

A sample of DVA clients is randomly selected to participate in the Survey. These clients receive a letter from DVA asking for their participation. It also includes instructions on how to opt-out of the Survey. ORIMA Research then calls a random sample of these clients and takes them through a questionnaire about their experience with DVA’s services. Each interview takes approximately 20 minutes.

Participation in the Survey is completely voluntary, and participants are able to withdraw at any time by letting the interviewer know. The interview ends as soon as this request is made.

Who conducts the Survey?

The Survey is conducted by a specialised independent market research agency to ensure the findings truly represent the experiences of the whole DVA client base.

DVA has partnered with ORIMA Research to conduct the 2018 Survey. ORIMA Research ensures the Survey is undertaken according to approved best practice methodology and privacy guidelines.

Other ways to provide feedback

If you have not been selected to participate in the Survey and you wish to provide feedback, there are other ways to do this. Please refer to the DVA Feedback page for more information on other ways to submit feedback.


All information is collected and stored according to the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). All answers are completely confidential and will not in any way affect any claim, pension, benefit or health service which participants are, or may be, entitled to receive from DVA. ORIMA only provides DVA with de-identified survey data, which in no way will identify participants’ individual responses.

As part of the Survey, participants will not be asked to provide details of bank accounts, credit cards or any other financial information. Any such requests are not legitimate and are not on behalf of DVA. If this occurs, do not provide this information and end the telephone call. Please contact DVA immediately to let DVA know that this has happened. Please note that this is just precautionary as DVA is not currently aware of any scams targeting the survey.

Previous results

2016 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Results from the 2016 Survey are presented in two key products: a two-page Fact Sheet showing a high-level summary of overall satisfaction and a Results Summary, which is a more detailed breakdown of all the survey results.

The 2016 Survey questions are also available:

2014 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

More information

For more information about the survey, please email

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