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Training and Information Program (TIP)

The Training and Information Program (TIP) was a partnership between the ex-service organisations and the Department. TIP provided compensation and welfare training to new and existing advocates, to support current and former Australian Defence Force members and their dependents in accessing their entitlements.

TIP is being replaced by a new Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP), which is the next evolution of TIP and focuses on a more contemporary approach to training.

There have been a lot of questions about why TIP is changing and the transition from TIP to the ATDP. Some of these are answered below. 

Why is TIP changing to the ATDP?

TIP is now over 20 years old and was a solution designed for a point in time. TIP has served those needs well but it is time for the program to respond to changes in the veteran community along with changes and advances in learning and development practices.  

The Department commissioned an Advocacy Training Review that was led by the late Brigadier Bill Rolfe, AO. Following consultation with the ex-service community, the review found that the TIP framework needed to evolve and a working party was established to develop a blueprint for a new advocacy training program. The blueprint was subsequently endorsed by the Ex-service Organisation Round Table  and the then Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.

How is the ATDP different to TIP?

The ATDP will introduce a nationally accredited training program and, through competency based training and development, will help to ensure a consistent standard of advocacy services is provided to veterans and their dependents. 



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