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Regional Management Groups

The ATDP regional management structure consists of three Regional Management Groups (RMGs). The RMGs report to the Capability Framework Management Group (CFMG)

What are the Regional Management Groups responsible for?

The Regional Management Groups are responsible for the planning and delivery of training across their region  based on the nationally consistent curriculum.

What areas are covered by each region?

The three regions established under the ATDP are: 

  • Region 1 – Queensland and the Northern Territory;
  • Region 2 – New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia; and
  • Region 3 – Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Who are the Regional Managers and Administration Support Officers?

Region Manager ASO
The ATDP Regional Managers and Administration Support Officers (ASOs) are:
Region 1

Peter McNamara

Tamsin McGuin
(07) 3358 5845

Region 2

Allan Thomas

Brian Morelli
(02) 9488 7667

Region 3

David Rye

Philip Boys
(08) 8290 0449

Enquiries can also be sent to

Who makes up the Regional Management Groups?

The RMGs are in the process of being established. Each RMG will comprise 8 to 10 people who are members of the local veteran community, and who have experience and skills in the provision of advocacy service and/or advocacy training. There will also be representatives from DVA and Defence.

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