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Centenary of the Battle of Hamel

Australian Corps Memorial, Le Hamel, France

Soldiers in a field.

Service: Centenary of the Battle of Hamel
Date: Wednesday, 4 July 2018
Time: 10:00am
Seating style: Standing room only with limited accessible seating
Venue: The Australian Corps Memorial, Le Hamel, France
Weather: Warm/hot
Attendance passes: Required – Available 25 April 2017
Visa requirements: Australian Passport – No, check your visa requirements
Security: TBC


The Australian Corps Memorial, Le Hamel, France

The Centenary of the Battle of Hamel commemorative service will be conducted at the Australian Corps Memorial located 500 metres to the east of the village of Le Hamel which is in the Hauts-de-France Region of Northern France.

The Memorial was constructed on the ridge that was the objective of the 4 July 1918 battle fought at this location. This battle was a success due to the planning and direction provided by General Sir John Monash GC KCB VD and was the first successful example of a combined arms attacks and included units of the American Expeditionary Force under Australian command.

The Memorial honours not only the success of the battle but also the service of all Australians who fought on the Western Front as part of the Australian Corp. The remains of some of the trenches used during the battle exist today around the memorial site.

Detailed Service Program

The Centenary of the Battle of Hamel commemorative service will be conducted during daylight hours on 4 July 2018.

Transport Arrangements

Road closures

There will be traffic management arrangements in place controlling access to and from the Le Hamel area on 4 July 2018

Traffic Management

Managing large numbers of visitors in the relatively small village of Le Hamel will be challenging for authorities, as there is not enough space to park the hundreds of coaches and private cars needed to bring in the number of visitors expected, and they are currently considering traffic management options.

It is likely that the traffic management plan will allow tour operators to drop their clients at a site close to the Australian Corp Memorial at Le Hamel where they will undergo security screening and ticket scanning. From this point there will be an 800 metre walk to the commemorative site, approximately half of which will be uphill. A coach registration process will be implemented to facilitate the departures process on completion of the commemorative service.

It is expected that patrons self-driving to the commemorative service will be able to park in a designated location on the outskirts of Le Hamel and be transported to the security screening point by public shuttles. On completion of the service these public shuttles will return patrons to the village or the parking area.

It is planned for a public shuttle system to operate from the centre of Le Hamel to the security screening site for those staying in, or close to, the village. Patrons will be able to return to the village on these public shuttles at the completion of the service.

There will be no pedestrian access directly to the commemorative site. All patrons will be required to pass through the security screening point.

Accessible seating

Due to the nature of the commemorative site at the Australian Corps Memorial at Le Hamel there will be no public seating provided, patrons must be prepared to stand for up to 2 hours and possibly as long as 3 hours.

Patrons who do not believe they will be able to stand for these periods should register for an Accessible Seating Pass during the registration process for consideration for access to the limited Accessible Seating Passes available. Registration for an Accessible Seating Pass does not guarantee one will be issued and every registration will be prioritised based on the information provided during the registration process.

Dependent on the number of patrons attending the service it may also be possible to sit on the ground if space is available.

Laying a wreath

Wreath laying, by invited official representatives, will occur during the services.

Members of the public who wish to lay a wreath or floral tribute (wreath/tribute) will have the opportunity to do so at the conclusion of the service. Those members of the public who wish to lay a wreath/tribute are required to register their details at the information tent or by emailing the following details to

Wreath laying registrations from the public will need to be submitted by 3 July2018.

  • your attendance pass registration Application ID Number
  • the name and title of the person/s laying the wreath/tribute
  • the name of the organisation/group or the person/relative being represented.

Members of the public who are laying a wreath/tribute are to supply their own and it is their responsibility to carry it with them, care for it and transport it to the Memorial. There are no facilities or arrangements for storage or transport of personal wreaths at the Memorial.

Further reading

Contact information

In Australia

Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Telephone: 1300 364 002
Facebook: DVA Aus / Anzac Centenary
Twitter: @DVAAus

For Consular Assistance in France

Telephone: +33 140 593 300
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Emergency helpline

Consular Emergency Centre 24 Hour Phone Service:
Telephone: 1300 555 135 within Australia (local call cost) or
Telephone: +61 2 6261 3305 from outside Australia

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