Veteran Support Officers

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A Veteran Support Officer is an adviser who can help you work out what DVA benefits you can get. They are available to offer you support and guidance, and they can help you to submit a claim before you leave the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

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Who is a Veteran Support Officer (VSO)

Veteran Support Officers (VSOs) used to be called On-base Advisors (OBAS).

VSOs deliver enhanced DVA services, and will tailor the support you require based on your individual circumstances.

We employ VSOs. They are not Defence employees.

VSOs are available to help all members of the ADF. This includes members who are not leaving the forces. They can provide support to you and your family.

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Why contact a VSO

A VSO will:

  • tell you about the support that we offer
  • help you to apply for benefits and services
  • offer advice to you and your family about moving into civilian life
  • teach you to use MyService and other online services

They can also help you to submit a claim while you are still enlisted. This will make it easier for you to access services and support and when you have left the ADF.

You should reach out to a VSO if you:

  • are medically or administratively separating
  • have been medically downgraded at any time
  • have been deployed
  • have come home from an exercise or deployment early due to injury or illness
  • have any questions about the services and support we offer to serving members and their families

We also suggest that you contact a VSO if you have been injured or taken ill.

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How to contact a VSO

Veteran Support Officers are on more than 56 bases around Australia.

You can make an appointment by sending an email to VSO [at] with:

  • your full name and date of birth
  • your PMKeys number
  • preferred telephone contact number
  • the name of your base
  • the state or territory where you live

You should also tell us if you are transitioning out of the ADF within the next 6 months.

You can also make an appointment to see a VSO by calling us on 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372).

Some states previously had their own email addresses. VSOs now have a national email address: VSO [at]

A VSO is usually located at either the Joint Health Command Facility or near the Transition Cell on your base.

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