Blueprint and principles for the ATDP

Last updated: 
19 December 2019

The Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) provides nationally-accredited training in military advocacy to support ex‑service organisations in providing advocacy services to the veteran community. The program ensures advocates meet national competency standards before giving advice to clients on services and entitlements.

Advocacy blueprint

The Advocacy blueprint provides the strategic framework for the program. It was endorsed, in late 2015, by the Ex-Service Organisation Round Table (ESORT) as a contemporary approach to advocacy training.

Access the advocacy blueprint from either of the following links:

The current program builds on the foundations developed by the Training and Information Program (TIP).

Adult learning principles

The ATDP approach to course design is based upon adult learning principles and supports advocates to learn on‑the-job, under the guidance and support of a mentor, with additional online and face-to-face training provided to assist advocates to consolidate their learning.

Further information

Further detailed information about the ATDP is available on the ATDP's website.

Should you wish to contact an ATDP accredited advocate you can do so by way of the Accredited Advocate Register (AAR). The register provides the contact details of ex-service organisations (ESOs) that can offer the services of ATDP accredited advocates. If you belong to an ESO and wish to discuss having it listed on the AAR please call (08) 8290 0499 during office hours or email info [at]

If you need to know more about the ATDP you can request further information through ATDPenquiries [at] or find out more at the ATDP website. Should you wish to subscribe to the ATDP newsletter contact ATDP.communications [at] .