Services begin for NSW Veteran Wellbeing Centre

Services begin for NSW Veteran Wellbeing Centre gabrielle.seal Mon, 02/08/2021 - 12:05

Services were launched when Veteran Wellbeing Centre lead organisation RSL LifeCare opened a temporary location for the local veteran community.

While the process of building the new Wellbeing Centre is underway, the opening of a temporary location helps provide services and support to meet the needs of veterans and their families.

RSL LifeCare, with the support of RSL NSW, are getting on with business and ensuring veterans are connected to a range of services focussed on wellbeing and community connection.

The first occupants of the temporary location will include Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling, RSL LifeCare Veteran Services and Veteran Sport Australia.

RSL LifeCare Chair Andrew Condon said the organisation is proud to have a physical footprint in the Nowra region to deliver services to veterans and their families.

“Nowra has a proud tradition of service and a great mix of current and ex-serving Defence Force members that we hope to connect with,” Mr Condon said.

“We will continue to consult and work with the local community to ensure that the Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre delivers services that are veteran-centric and recovery focused.”

RSL NSW President Ray James says it is important for them to continue to work with a variety of ex‑service organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families, and to provide individualised services based on the needs of local veterans.

“When the Veteran Wellbeing Centre is open, veterans and their families will be able to access services and programs in a friendly, welcoming environment where their unique experiences are understood and supported, and their military service is respected,” Mr James said.

Services and support such as community and peer programs, wellbeing case services and coordinated community sporting activities, offered by the Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre will be available through the temporary location at Unit 1, 19 Nowra Lane, Nowra, from Monday 10 May.

For more information about the Veteran Wellbeing Centres, visit the DVA website