Financial support from the Government

Financial support from the Government sarah.schofield Mon, 26/10/2020 - 12:39

The latest news on financial support from the Government.

Coronavirus Supplement extended to 31 December

The Australian Government’s support for the Australian community through the coronavirus pandemic continues with the extension of the Coronavirus Supplement to 31 December 2020.

The payment rate of $550 per +fortnight has been changed to $250 per fortnight from 25 September to the end of the calendar year.

Read more on the DVA website.

Changes to JobKeeper Payment and income reporting

Businesses and charities impacted by the coronavirus crisis can access a wage subsidy, known as JobKeeper, from the Australian Government to help them to continue paying their employees.

The JobKeeper Payment has been extended to March 2021, with changes to payment rates occurring from 28 September 2020. The previous payment rate per eligible employee of $1500 per fortnight changed to a two-tier payment rate from 28 September, providing $1200 per fortnight for full-time workers and $750 per fortnight for employees who worked fewer than 20 hours per week. From 4 January 2021, the rate will be $1000 per fortnight and $650 per fortnight respectively.

Read more on the DVA website.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

On 3 August, the Prime Minister announced a pandemic leave disaster payment.

People living in Victoria and Tasmania who do not have enough sick leave through their employer and are required to self-isolate due to COVID-19 can access $1500 for the fortnight through Services Australia. The dedicated enquiries line is 180 22 66.

This payment is not available to those who receive a JobSeeker payment or a Job- Keeper payment.

More information is available on the Services Australia website.