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Veteran Card — Information for business and community organisations

The Veteran Card will make it easier for Australians to recognise and respect the contribution that veterans have made to Australia and for our veterans to connect with the broader Australian community.

How businesses and community organisations can participate

Thank you for expressing your interest in supporting the Veteran Card. We appreciate your commitment to veterans and their families.

It is up to participating businesses and organisations to decide how they would like to assist and recognise card holders. You may wish to provide special offers, support or concessions to holders of the card. There is no obligation for you to offer a concession if you choose not to do so.

The tangible recognition and service to holders of the card is at the discretion of the participating business or organisation.

Businesses, organisations and individuals can choose to make use of the existing DVA Gold, White and Orange cards at any time.

Examples of the new veteran cards

Examples of the gold, white and orange cards, each with a Australian Government coat of arms, the word Veteran (see long description for more)

Examples of current DVA cards

The three current DVA Health Cards (gold, white, orange), including the logo for the "100 years of ANZAC"


You can register your business or organisation by completing the online form.


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