2019-20 National Consultation Framework Review

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Every three years, DVA’s National Consultation Framework (NCF) is formally reviewed to assess the ongoing effectiveness of the Framework and its relevance to the evolving ex-service community. The latest review of the NCF is now underway.

The review will include the following issues:

  • The effectiveness of the current NCF structure in facilitating communication and consultation between the Department and the broader ex-service community;
  • Alternative forum structures and roles;
  • The ability of the NCF to appropriately represent the needs of the serving and ex-serving communities and their families; and
  • Effective and innovative ways in which to consult with the serving and ex-serving community and their families, both in the context of this review and in the future.

To be successful, the review needs input from as broad a representation of the ex-service community as possible. DVA is seeking input from all ex-service organisations, individuals and families. Furthermore, veterans and families from regional and rural areas are encouraged to participate.

Interested parties are invited to provide input to the 2019 NCF Review by completing the following detailed survey. It is estimated that the survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

The survey may be accessed here https://research.orima.com.au/dva/ncf.

This survey focusses on the effectiveness of current mechanisms for consultation between DVA and the ex-serving community, as well as ways to improve them for the future. It does not relate to services for DVA’s clients, DVA policy or the transformation of DVA’s services.

Information on DVA programs and services can be found at www.dva.gov.au.

Information on free and confidential counselling and support for current and ex-serving personnel and their families can be found at www.openarms.gov.au.

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