Overview of our grant programs

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We offer grants to commemorate Australia’s wartime heritage. We also support organisations to deliver services and projects for veterans and their families. We help some students whose parent or grandparent is a veteran.

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What grants are available

DVA's ongoing grant programs are:

Saluting Their Service (STS) Commemorative Grants Program

STS grants support projects and activities that directly commemorate Australia’s servicemen and women who served in wars, conflicts and peace operations, and that preserve our wartime heritage.

Building Excellence in Support and Training Grants (BEST) Program

The BEST grants program supports the role of ex-service organisation compensation and wellbeing advocates, who provide advice and assistance to the Defence and veteran communities. It also links closely to the Advocacy Training and Development Program, which provides the essential skills for claims, advocacy and wellbeing work.

Veteran Wellbeing Grants (VWG)

VWG provides funding opportunities for eligible ex‑service organisations (ESOs) to undertake community-based projects and activities to support safe and accessible environments for veterans and families. It also enables social connection and positive engagement to improve wellbeing.

Grants In Aid (GIA)

The GIA program aims to encourage co‑operation and communication between the ex-service community, ESOs and the Australian Government. It also aims to encourage the advancement of the objectives of ESOs.

Overseas Privately-Constructed Memorials Restoration Program Commemorations Grants (OPCMRP)

OPCMRP grants are available to eligible individuals, non-commercial organisations or community groups, who have an interest in seeing a particular privately-constructed overseas memorial restored and preserved. Memorials must directly commemorate Australia’s servicemen and women who served in wars, conflicts and peace operations.

Long Tan Bursary (LTB)

The LTB provides funding to help children of Australian Vietnam veterans' to meet the cost of post-secondary education and help them obtain formal qualifications and skills needed to pursue their chosen career.

Marking (First World War) Private Graves (MPG) Grants Program

The MPG grants program provides funding assistance to mark the unmarked private graves of First World War veterans.

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How can I apply for grants

All DVA grants are advertised on the GrantConnect website.

You will find information about the grant, how to apply, and a link to start the online application. You should consider the Grant Opportunity Guidelines closely to ensure you have the best chance of lodging a successful grant application.

You can register on the GrantConnect website to be automatically notified of advertised grants.

More information can be found at Getting started with GrantConnect

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Who can I contact about grants

The Community Grants Hub provides a central and consistent application and management process for DVA's grant applicants and recipients.

The Hub is also the main contact point for applicants and recipients about their grant applications.

You can contact the Hub on 1800 020 283 or email support [at] communitygrants.gov.au (support[at]communitygrants[dot]gov[dot]au)

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Where do I find approved grants

From 31 December 2017 all approved grants (Grant Awards) are published on GrantConnect within 21 days of a grant agreement taking effect. Grant Awards published before 31 December 2017 can be found at Historical approved grants list

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What else should I know

Grant scams

Be aware of scams offering access to databases of government grants for a fee.

The Australian Government does not charge any administration or application fees to view or apply for grants.

All grant opportunities are freely available on the GrantConnect website. GrantConnect is the authoritative source for DVA grants information.

Go to Scamwatch to find out more about grant scams.

COVID-19 advice

Australian Government information and advice for limiting the spread of COVID-19 is available on the Department of Health website.

COVID-19 has been impacting the community since 2020.  Where appropriate organisations are encouraged to adapt proposed service delivery to allow for social distancing and ensure the safety of advocates, veterans and their families.

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