How to access information for the Royal Commission into Defence & Veteran Suicide

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You can request access to records to support your submission and/or appearance as a witness.

Since July 2021, the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide has been continuing its important work.

If you want to engage with the Royal Commission, you can visit their website for information on how to share your story and the supports available to you. You have until 13 October 2023 to lodge your submission with the Royal Commission.

You can access your official personal records from us to help you prepare a submission, engage in a private session or appear as a witness to the Royal Commission.

Our Access to Information page has information about how you can request your personal records or third-party records (if you have the appropriate authorisation) held by us. Our Information Access Unit (IAU) can also assist with your information request.

The Royal Commission is independent of the Australian Government, and Commonwealth, including DVA.

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