Regulator Performance Framework

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The Regulator Performance Framework ceased operation in July 2021. The final report was published in January 2022.

The Australian Government announced its deregulation agenda in 2013. The deregulation agenda aims to reduce the cost of unnecessary red tape or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations by at least $1 billion a year. An integral part of the deregulation agenda is the Regulator Performance Framework (the Framework).

The Framework encouraged regulators to minimise their impact on those they regulated while still delivering the regulatory functions they are required to perform. It provided regulators with a standard set of key performance indicators to implement. The Framework was published on the Australian Government's deregulation agenda website.

Department of Veterans' Affairs application of the Regulator Performance Framework

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Protection of the Word 'Anzac' Regulations was the only activity that fell within the regulatory activities covered by the Framework.

The Framework allowed DVA to report objectively on the outcomes of our efforts to administer the Protection of the Word 'Anzac' Regulations fairly, effectively and efficiently. It was a useful tool for DVA to identify opportunities for improvement which reduced compliance costs.

DVA's Framework includes:

  • DVA's outcomes-based key performance indicators
  • DVA's measures of good regulatory performance
  • DVA's self-assessment methodology

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