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We have turned the old factsheets into webpage information that you can access and print on the device of your choice. For some, this change has been a warm welcome. For others, this change has meant a new way of finding information you were previously used to.  

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the new site structure and the key headings.

This temporary page has been developed to help you transition to our new site. You can search by the old factsheet IDs and keywords. You will see the new page name, and a link that will take you to the new webpage.

This page is to help you get used to our new site structure.

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Old factsheet number Old factsheet name Page replacing this factsheet
DP30 Extreme Disablement Adjustment Extreme Disablement Adjustment
DP42 Motorcycle GST Rebate Scheme Motorcycle GST rebate scheme
DP43 Disability Pension and War Widow(er)’s Pension Rates and Allowances Rates for the Disability Pension and War Widow(er)’s Pension
DP50 Calculation of Disability Pension and Allowances Payments How we calculate payments under the VEA
DP60 War Widow(er)’s Pension and Orphan’s Pension Pension for orphans and war widow(er)s
DP71 Additional Disability Pension for Specific Disabilities Additional disability pension for specific disabilities
DP72 Attendant Allowance Attendant Allowance
DP73 Clothing Allowance Clothing Allowance
DP74 Decoration Allowance and Victoria Cross Allowance Victoria Cross Allowance
DP74 Decoration Allowance and Victoria Cross Allowance Decoration Allowance
DP75 Loss of Earnings Allowance Loss of earnings allowance
DP76 Recreation Transport Allowance Recreation Transport Allowance
DP78 Vehicle Assistance Scheme Vehicle Assistance Scheme
DP79 Supply of Cars or Car Parts GST-free Supply of cars or car parts GST-free
DP81 War Widow(er)'s Pension and Compensation Offsetting War widow(er)'s pension and compensation offsetting
DP82 Disability Pension and Compensation Offsetting Disability pension and compensation offsetting
DP83 British Nuclear Test Participants and Members of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force Help for test participants and people who served in Japan
DP85 Calculating a fortnightly equivalent disability pension offset using the Australian Government Actuarial Tables Pension offsetting using Actuarial Tables
DP86 British Nuclear Test Defence Service under the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) Service covered under the VEA
DVA06 Proof of Identity Requirements Proof of Identity

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