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We have turned the old factsheets into webpage information that you can access and print on the device of your choice. For some, this change has been a warm welcome. For others, this change has meant a new way of finding information you were previously used to.  

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the new site structure and the key headings.

This temporary page has been developed to help you transition to our new site. You can search by the old factsheet IDs and keywords. You will see the new page name, and a link that will take you to the new webpage.

This page is to help you get used to our new site structure.

If you have feedback, please leave us a note using the feedback function on the side of this page.


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Old factsheet number Old factsheet name Page replacing this factsheet
BR04 Bereavement Information Bereavement payment and assistance under the VEA
CEP01 Energy Supplement Energy supplement
CEP03 Essential Medical Equipment Payment Essential Medical Equipment Payment
CON01 Concessions in New South Wales Concessions in New South Wales
CON02 Concessions in Victoria Concessions in Victoria
CON03 Concessions in Queensland Concessions in Queensland
CON04 Concessions in South Australia Concessions in South Australia
CON05 Concessions in Western Australia Concessions in Western Australia
CON06 Concessions in Tasmania Concessions in Tasmania
CON07 Concessions in the Northern Territory Concessions in the Northern Territory
CON08 Concessions in the Australian Capital Territory Concessions in the Australian Capital Territory
DP01 Overview of Disability Pensions and Allowances Overview of disability pensions and allowances
DP02 Disability pension entitlements for service in wars, conflicts and operational deployments Eligibility during and after the Second World War
DP13 Asbestos Screening Program Asbestos and chemical exposure health check
DP15 Defence and Peacekeeping Service under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 Defence and peacekeeping service under the VEA
DP18 Making a Claim/Applying for an Increase in Disability Pension Apply for the disability pension under the VEA
DP22 Statements of Principles Statements of principles
DP23 DVA Compensation Assessment Guides - GARP Our guides to assess compensation
DP28 General Rate General Rate
DP29 Special and Intermediate Rates (TPI & TTI) Special and Intermediate rates

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