Military and veteran research study roll

Last updated: 
16 January 2020

The health and wellbeing serving and ex-serving ADF members is important to the Department and we use research to improve our understanding about military health and wellbeing issues. In order to invite individuals to participate in research, Defence and DVA have created a database of current details to enable approved researchers to get in touch with serving and ex-serving members – the Military and Veteran Research Study Roll (Study Roll).

The Study Roll contains the details of current serving ADF personnel, including Reservists, and ex-serving ADF personnel who transitioned out of the ADF between 2010 and 2014. To protect the privacy of current and former personnel, the Study Roll is being held at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). For more information regarding the Study Roll, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Research using the Study Roll will contribute to the development of policies and services to better meet the needs of current and former ADF personnel and their families. Individuals on the Study Roll may be contacted to participate in the Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme, and be invited to participate in other military and veteran health studies in the future. For further information regarding the Programme, or to register your interest to participate in the Programme, visit the Transition & Wellbeing website.

Individuals on the Study Roll were contacted in March 2015 by DVA or Defence, with the opportunity to opt-out of having their details provided to researchers for the Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme. The details of some individuals on the Study Roll were provided to the Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies (CTSS), University of Adelaide, in May 2015 for the Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme. Details of any individuals who opted out prior to 7 May 2015 were not provided to CTSS.

If you are invited to participate in research associated with this Study Roll, your participation is completely voluntary. You can withdraw your consent to participate in such research at any time without detriment to your ADF career, your future medical care from Defence or DVA, or entitlements from DVA.

Individuals can still opt-out of having their details being provided for future research.

If you do not want your contact details to be provided to DVA and/or Defence-approved researchers, send an email to optout.studyroll [at] (subject: OPT%20OUT, body: Full%20name%3A%0ADate%20of%20birth%3A%0APMKeyS%20number%3A) with your full name, date of birth and PMKeyS number in the body of the email and 'OPT OUT' in the subject line.

If you choose to opt out from releasing contact information, you may still be contacted for unrelated research where your details were obtained elsewhere.

If you have any queries regarding the Study Roll, telephone 1800 502 302.

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