Applied research program

Last updated: 
16 January 2020


The Applied Research Program (ARP) is the Department's formal funding mechanism for commissioning research within DVA. A range of other research, evidence and evaluation activities are funded on the basis of business need, through other funding sources, Strategic Partnerships or Memoranda of Understanding.

Delivered in accordance with DVA’s Strategic Research Framework 2019-2021, the ARP supports best practice research into the health and wellbeing needs of Australia's veterans and their families.

DVA’s ARP does not facilitates regular funding rounds involving researcher-initiated applications. New research is procured through open tender, prequalified tender or limited tender arrangements. ARP tender opportunities, as they arise, are advertised on the government’s AusTender website.

Collaboration and governance

DVA and the Department of Defence work closely on research priorities, with both agencies working together to develop mutually beneficial joint research projects to meet the needs of serving and ex-serving personnel and their families.

DVA works to leverage greater impact from commissioned research, through collaboration with research organisations, other Australian Government agencies, universities (including consortia) and international veteran and defence agency partners. DVA actively participates in the Five-Eyes Veterans Research Network.

Departmental oversight of the research activities is undertaken through a DVA Research Board that includes representation from across DVA and Department of Defence.

Research tender opportunities, as they arise, are advertised on the government’s AusTender website.

Intellectual Property

Under the DVA Research Services Agreement the Commonwealth retains intellectual property rights to work conducted using ARP funding. DVA encourages ARP research findings to be widely disseminated (where applicable) including in peer reviewed journals. DVA expects to review all articles, papers and presentations prior to publication or delivery. The Commonwealth retains copyright which generally involves DVA negotiating a licence with the publisher.

As part of DVA’s standard contracting arrangements, DVA also requires researchers to seek approval before making any statements to the media, giving interviews or writing media articles relating to their ARP-funded research. This process allows DVA to be adequately informed and prepared for media coverage. Publications must also acknowledge that the views expressed are not necessarily those of the Australian Government. 

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