Organisational chart

Last updated: 
14 December 2020

Organisational Chart of the Department of Veterans's Affairs. The org structure is also available in HTML below.

Liz Cosson AM, CSC

  • Chief of Staff / Parliamentary and Governance
    Assistant Secretary
    Liane Pettitt
  • General Counsel
    Kristy Egan A/g
  • Repatriation Commission
    President - Liz Cosson AM, CSC
  • Deputy President - Kate Pope PSM
  • Repatriation Commissioner - Don Spinks AM
  • Veteran Family Advocate Commissioner - Gwen Cherne
  • Defence Engagement Commissioner - Stuart Smith AO, DSC 
  • Deputy Secretary Veteran and Family Services Group
    Vicki Rundle PSM
    • Mental Health and Wellbeing Services Review Division
      First Assistant Secretary
      Leanne Cameron
      • Client Coordination and Support Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Leonie Nowland
      • Communications Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Catherine McDonald
      • Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling
        National Manager
        Dr Stephanie Hodson CSC
    • Client Engagement and Support Services Division
      A/g First Assistant Secretary
      Mark Garrity
      • Client Access and Rehabilitation Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Tim Evans
      • Client Programs Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Jenny Cotton CSC
      • Provider Engagement and Management Branch
        A/g Assistant Secretary
        Wayne Perry
      • Deputy Commissioner NT
        Meghan Bailey
    • Client Benefits Division
      First Assistant Secretary
      Natasha Cole
      • Income Support Branch
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner SA
        Janice Silby
      • Compensation Processing and Payments Branch
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner WA
        Peter King
      • Claims Assessment and Management Branch
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner NSW/ACT
        Victoria Benz
      • VEA Compensation and Support Branch
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner VIC
        Michael Harper
      • Processing and DHOAS
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner QLD
        Tara Hatzismalis
      • Business Improvement and Quality Assurance
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner TAS
        Luke Brown
    • Commemorations and Transformation Division
      First Assistant Secretary
      Rachel Goddard
      • Commemorations Branch
        A/g Assistant Secretary
        Tim Bayliss
      • Office of Australian War Graves
        Director War Graves
        Paul Nothard AM, CSC, CSM
      • Enterprise Program Office – VCR Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Ken Corke
      • Channel Strategy and Digital Delivery Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Monita Lal
    • Royal Commission Taskforce
      First Assistant Secretary
      Traci-Ann Byrnes
      • External Reviews
        Assistant Secretary
        Carly Partridge
    • Chief Financial Officer Division
      Chief Financial Officer
      Glen Casson
      • Chief Accountant Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Graeme Rochow
      • Data and Insights Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Jason Howden
    • Chief Operating Officer Division
      Chief Operating Officer
      Mark Harrigan
      • People Services Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Roger Winzenberg
      • Legal Services and Audit Branch/General Counsel
        A/g Assistant Secretary
        Kristy Egan
      • Integrity and Security Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Rodger McNally
      • Shared Services and Technology Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Joumana El Hassan
      • Transformation, Engagement and Design
        Executive Director
        Heather Macdonald
    • Chief Health Officer
      Professor Jenny Firman
      • Deputy Chief Health Officer
        Dr Trish Batchelor
      • Principal Medical Advisor, Compensation
        Dr Fletcher Davies
  • Deputy President Veteran and Family Policy Group
    Kate Pope PSM
    • Veteran and Family Policy Division
      First Assistant Secretary
      Veronica Hancock
      • Policy Development
        Assistant Secretary
        Simon Hill
      • Wellbeing Policy
        Assistant Secretary
        Moira Campbell
      • Community Policy
        Assistant Secretary
        Alison Hale
      • Strategic Planning Unit
        Executive Directors
        Jane Stuart and
        Justin Mein