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The leaders and internal structure of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Organisational Chart of the Department of Veterans's Affairs. The org structure is also available in HTML below

Liz Cosson AM, CSC

  • Chief of Staff / Parliamentary and Governance
    Assistant Secretary
    Liane Pettitt
  • General Counsel
    Nicole Ingram
  • Repatriation Commission
    President - Liz Cosson AM, CSC
    Deputy President - Kate Pope PSM
    Repatriation Commissioner - Don Spinks AM
    Veteran Family Advocate Commissioner - Gwen Cherne
    Defence Engagement Commissioner - Stuart Smith AO, DSC 
  • Deputy Secretary Veteran and Family Services Group
    Vicki Rundle PSM
    • Mental Health and Wellbeing Services Review Division
      First Assistant Secretary
      Leanne Cameron
      • Client Coordination and Support Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Leonie Nowland
      • Communications Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Catherine McDonald
      • Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling
        National Manager
        Dr Stephanie Hodson CSC
    • Client Engagement and Support Services Division
      A/g First Assistant Secretary
      Mark Garrity
      • Client Access and Rehabilitation Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Moira Campbell
      • Client Programs Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Jenny Cotton CSC
      • Provider Engagement and Management Branch
        A/g Assistant Secretary
        Wayne Perry
      • Deputy Commissioner NT
        Meghan Bailey
    • Client Benefits Division
      First Assistant Secretary
      Natasha Cole
      • Income Support Branch
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner SA
        Janice Silby
      • Compensation Processing and Payments Branch
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner WA
        Peter King
      • Claims Assessment and Management Branch
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner NSW/ACT
        Victoria Benz
      • VEA Compensation and Support Branch
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner VIC
        Michael Harper
      • Processing and DHOAS
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner QLD
        Tara Hatzismalis
      • Business Improvement and Quality Assurance
        Assistant Secretary/Deputy Commissioner TAS
        Luke Brown
    • Commemorations and Transformation Division
      First Assistant Secretary
      Rachel Goddard
      • Commemorations Branch
        A/g Assistant Secretary
        Tim Bayliss
      • Office of Australian War Graves
        Director War Graves
        Paul Nothard AM, CSC, CSM
      • Enterprise Program Office – VCR Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Ken Corke
      • Channel Strategy and Digital Delivery Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Gwen Collins
    • DVA Royal Commission Taskforce
      First Assistant Secretary
      Traci-Ann Byrnes
      • Royal Commission Taskforce 
        Assistant Secretary
        Alison Hale
    • Chief Financial Officer Division
      Chief Financial Officer
      Glen Casson
      • Deputy Chief Financial Officer
        Assistant Secretary
        Karen Williams
      • Data and Insights Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Jason Howden
    • Chief Operating Officer Division
      Chief Operating Officer
      Mark Harrigan
      • People Services Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Roger Winzenberg
      • Legal Services and Audit Branch/General Counsel
        Assistant Secretary
        Nicole Ingram
      • Integrity, Information and Security Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Rodger McNally
      • Shared Services and Technology Branch
        Assistant Secretary
        Joumana El Hassan
      • Transformation, Engagement and Design
        Executive Director
        Heather Macdonald
    • Chief Health Officer
      Professor Jenny Firman AM
      • Deputy Chief Health Officer
        Dr Trish Batchelor
      • Principal Medical Advisor, Compensation
        Dr Fletcher Davies
  • Deputy President Veteran and Family Policy Group
    Kate Pope PSM
    • Veteran and Family Policy Division
      First Assistant Secretary
      Veronica Hancock
      • Policy Development
        Assistant Secretary
        Simon Hill
      • Wellbeing Policy
        A/g Assistant Secretary
        Dylan Kurtz
      • Community Policy
        Assistant Secretary
        Carly Partridge
      • Strategic Planning Unit
        Executive Directors
        Jane Stuart and
        Justin Mein
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