Younger Veterans — Contemporary Needs Forum

Last updated: 
27 October 2020


This Younger Veterans — Contemporary Needs Forum (YVF) is intended to:

  • assist in identifying priority emerging issues for veterans across the age and conflict spectrum particularly in the areas of mental and social health
  • assist in identifying emerging issues for veterans' families and support networks
  • identify and analyse trends across veteran cohorts and geography and raise awareness of these increasing and common issues with subject-matter experts from the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and other state or Commonwealth government departments and agencies as appropriate
  • assist in identifying opportunities for increased engagement with younger veterans who are geographically dislocated or not affiliated with ex-service organisations (ESOs) through the appropriate media and internet technology
  • enhance the ex-service community's understanding of DVA's service delivery performance through information sharing and improved communication between DVA and the ex-service community
  • identify and provide recommendations for improvements in DVA's operational policy to promote quality and accountability in service delivery.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference (DOC 50 KB)


Membership comprises representatives from the following organisations
Organisation Member
Department of Veterans' Affairs - Chair Mr Don Spinks AM, Commissioner
Director, Veteran Engagement, Department of Defence Colonel James Burns
Air Force Association  Squadron Leader Dee Cherry
Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans' Association Mr Kris Milne
Australian Special Air Service Association Mr John Newton
Australian Veterans Alliance Mr Bradley Campbell
Defence Families Australia Ms Michelle Hoare
Defence Force Welfare Association Ms Robyn Evans
Legacy Australia Inc. Ms Barbara Boyer
Mate4Mates Mr Marc Diplock
Modern Soldier Ms Talissa Papamau
Naval Association of Australia Commander Mark Fullick RANR
Returned and Services League of Australia Mr James Dallas
Royal Australian Regiment Association Mr Chris Tilley
Soldier On Mr John Hardgrave
The Warrior's Return Mr Scott Harris

Departmental representation will be available as appropriate. The forum has the flexibility to invite additional participants relevant to the areas of focus or specific agenda items (including service specific and non-ESO aligned).

Meeting schedule

The YVF meets three times per year.

Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes of each YVF meeting are available via the following links:


To contact the Secretariat of the YVF, email yvf.secretariat [at]