2019-20 National Consultation Framework Review

Last updated: 
29 July 2020

Every three years, DVA’s National Consultation Framework (NCF) is formally reviewed to assess the ongoing effectiveness of the Framework and its relevance to the evolving ex-service community. The latest review of the NCF is now underway.

The review will include the following issues:

  • The effectiveness of the current NCF structure in facilitating communication and consultation between the Department and the broader ex-service community;
  • Alternative forum structures and roles;
  • The ability of the NCF to appropriately represent the needs of the serving and ex-serving communities and their families; and
  • Effective and innovative ways in which to consult with the serving and ex-serving community and their families, both in the context of this review and in the future.

Input has been obtained from a broad representation of the ex-service community, including organisations, individuals and families.

Information on DVA programs and services can be found at www.dva.gov.au.

Information on free and confidential counselling and support for current and ex-serving personnel and their families can be found at www.openarms.gov.au.