Supporting Younger Veterans Grants Program

Last updated: 
20 January 2020

Grants advice regarding Covid-19

The Supporting Younger Veterans (SYV) program for 2019/20 closed for applications on 1 October 2019. Assessment of applications for this program is ongoing and applicants will be notified of the outcome in due course. If there are any changes due to COVID-19 advice will be provided on the DVA website and at


Supporting Younger Veterans Grants are to assist younger veterans as they leave the Australian Defence Force and integrate back into civilian life, with all the challenges that accompany that unique transition.

The Supporting Younger Veterans Grants program provides around $1 million each year to ex-service organisations and their partners deliver innovative and sustainable services for younger veterans and build community capacity to meet the needs of younger veterans. The grants will also help raise awareness of the important issues faced by younger veterans.

There is no maximum or minimum amount that can be applied for. All applications will be assessed on their merits.

Funding can be used to deliver projects and activities that do any or all of the following:

  • develop capability in the veteran community to service the unique needs of younger veterans
  • support the development of well-researched and tailored services for younger veterans
  • fund organisations that can deliver sustainable services to younger veterans now and into the future
  • increase collaboration among organisations to expand services and harness existing expertise
  • increase awareness of younger veteran issues and/or services in the Australian and veteran communities, where doing so would benefit younger veterans

Eligible organisations

Ex-service organisations that provide support and services specifically to veterans with military service after the year 1999, or are adapting their business model to focus on this cohort, can apply for a Supporting Younger Veterans Grant.

Other organisations may be eligible if they are in partnership with at least one ex-service organisation that directly provides support and services to veterans.

How to apply for a Supporting Younger Veteran Grant 

To apply for a Supporting Younger Veterans grant, use the Community Grants Hub.

For more information about the Hub, visit the Community Grants Hub on the DVA's website.

The Grant Opportunity Guidelines and information about how to apply are available on the Community Grants Hub.

To receive an email when grants are open for applications, go to the Community Grants Hub and select 'Subscribe for updates'.

Application help

Assistance can be obtained through the Community Grants Hub. Phone 1800 020 283 or send an email to support [at]

If you think you may need help please ask early. This means any problems can be sorted out in time for your application to be considered for funding.

Approved grants lists

For information on approved grants see Approved grants.