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Questions and answers

1.   Why is the application process changing?

The Hub will provide a central and consistent application and management process for DVA's grant applicants and recipients.

It will also reduce duplication of effort and resources in common areas of services across Government, such as grants.

2.   How do I apply for a grant using the Community Grants Hub?

When a grant round is open and accepting applications it will be listed on the Community Grants Hub website under 'Open grants'.

Once this has happened, all the information you need to apply for a DVA grant can be found through the Community Grants Hub.

When you locate the grant you would like to apply for, select 'View grant' and you will find information about the grant, about how to apply, and a link to start the online application process.

Note: the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the Community Grants Hub do not provide application forms and paper based grant applications will no longer be accepted.

If you need assistance, you can telephone the Hub on 1800 020 283 or email them at support [at]

If you think you will need any help, please seek help early. This will ensure that any issues can be worked through in time for your application to be considered for funding.

3.   How do I know when a grant is open and accepting applications?

There are two ways to find out when a particular DVA grant is open and accepting applications:

  • Register for alerts about open grants: To receive an email when grants are open for applications, go to the Community Grants Hub and select 'Subscribe for updates' and complete the online form.
  • Visit the Community Grants Hub to see which grants are listed under 'Open grants'.

This website will also be updated with information about the opening of grant rounds.

4.   Will DVA still be involved in assessing the grants?

DVA has staff seconded to work in the Community Grants Hub.

The Department of Veterans' Affairs will retain control of grants policy and funding.

The Minister for Veterans' Affairs will still approve successful DVA grants.

5.   Is this part of a bigger move to merge DVA with another government department?

No. The Australian Government is committed to maintaining a standalone Department of Veterans' Affairs.

6.   I'm not familiar with using a computer, so how can I submit my application?

If you, or members of your organisation, need computer training, you can access the Australian Government's Be Connected program.

This program provides free computer training for individuals over 50 years of age. You can learn the basics of using digital devices and engaging with the internet.

Be Connected has been set up especially for people who have rarely or never used a computer.

To find out more, phone 1300 795 897 or visit Be Connected.

If you think you will need any help, ask for help early. This will ensure that any issues can be worked through in time for your application to be considered for funding.

7.   Where can I go for more information?

Once an application round for a DVA grant has opened, the information for that grant such as the 'Grant Guidelines' and 'how to apply' will appear on the Community Grants Hub.

On the Community Grants Hub, scroll down to find 'Open grants'. When you select 'View grant', you will go to a webpage with all the information for that grant program, including the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

The guidelines and other information will also appear on DVA's website as they are released.

If you need help, phone 1800 020 283 or send an email to support [at]

8.   Other DVA Grants and Bursaries

The following programs will continue to be managed by DVA:

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