Summary of BEST administrative and equipment expenses

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Find information on the administrative and equipment expenses for Building Excellence in Support and Training grant funding.

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Equipment and administrative expense assistance items

BEST administrative expense grants are provided to assist with the purchase and ongoing expense of:

  • capital equipment for the office
  • computer software and internet access
  • office consumables
  • telephone costs
  • domestic travel
  • training related to skills that directly support compensation or wellbeing advocacy.

Domestic travel can be for wellbeing and advocacy work or to attend Veterans' Review Board (VRB) or Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) hearings. Attending compulsory Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) training or assessment is included, where it is not possible for advocates to attend training or assessment online, by video, or in the local region.

Unlike salary assistance, grants to support administrative expenses are available for items supporting compensation and/or wellbeing work. Grants for these items will therefore be calculated based on an organisation's compensation and wellbeing workload.

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Equipment expenses

BEST funding is available as a contribution to expenses that can be shown to be directly related to the support required by compensation and/or wellbeing advocates in providing advice to the Defence and veteran communities.

Examples of expenses that would be eligible for BEST funding include:

  • answering machines, bookcases, brochure holders, chairs, tables
  • filing cabinets, compactus
  • computer hardware, televisions, scanners, tablets, appropriate computer software
  • whiteboards, printing and printer supplies.
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Ineligible items

BEST funding is not available for:  

  • honoraria
  • utility costs covering electricity, gas, water, etc
  • the cost of leasing premises (including rent) or purchase of property
  • council rates
  • office expenses and fees including insurance, advertising expenses, accounting, audit fees and bank fees
  • legal consultation costs, including litigation
  • air conditioning units or refrigerators.
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