Tracey Goss, Royal Australian Air Force veteran

A middle-aged female veteran in a black and white, polka dot dress.

Tracey Goss joined the Air Force in 1998 as a pay clerk. She spent 24 years in the regular Air Force, serving in East Timor and the Middle East, before transferring to the Reserves in 2012 with the rank of flight sergeant. Her husband is in the Army.

She describes joining the Air Force as a natural progression.

‘It was in the blood,’ she says. ‘My father was in the Air Force. My mum was in before they were married and I’d grown up around defence. I was an Air Force cadet for years as a teenager.’ For her, the highlights were mentoring staff, and her various deployments.

However, she has found the transition to civilian life to be challenging. Her health prevents her working full-time, so she works part-time in the Air Force Reserve while she and her husband run a business making challenge coins (custom-made souvenir medallions).

She is proud of having served, and encourages Australians to recognise serving personnel to the same extent as in other countries, and notes the importance of providing employment for ex-serving personnel.