Leading Seaman Tanya Roberts, Royal Australian Navy

A woman in Royal Australian Navy uniform, leaning against a wall.

Leading Seaman Tanya Roberts joined the Navy when she was 17, straight out of school.

She works in Maritime Logistics Personnel.

‘I look after the Navy Reserves for the Northern Territory area. A lot of Reservists come Australia-wide to fill the op relief postings on boats up here in Darwin so [I make] sure that they are ready in all regards to be posted to a boat and fill that position,’ she says.

She says people regularly come up to her and say “thank you for your service.”

‘It’s happened a lot of times, especially around Anzac Day.

‘It does make you think because you feel like you’re just doing your job. And we’re not thanking other people for just doing their job.

‘But when you look at the situations, you really do understand why they are thanking us because you know Australia is such a good place to live and that’s one of the reasons why we can live so freely.’

Leading Seaman Roberts says she feels pride ‘not for just being in the Defence Force but for each individual Service.’

‘As soon as you put the uniform on, you stand taller and are proud to be there.’