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Terms of reference

The Deputy Commissioner's NSW Consultation Forum (the Forum) will enable consultation and discussion between the Deputy Commissioner and representatives of the ex-service and associated organisations, Defence personnel and their families, and others in the community linked to veteran welfare.

As primary aims, the Forum will:

  • provide an avenue for ideas to be raised and considered
  • through improved communication and information sharing, enhance understanding of the Department's service delivery performance in NSW, and monitor the access to and quality of services
  • identifying priority and emerging issues
  • facilitate the working relationship between stakeholders and provide a wide mechanism to disseminate information.

The Forum will formally sit at least twice per calendar year.

The Forum attendance will, to the extent practicable, give consideration to age, gender, service and metropolitan/ rural balance.

Meetings will commence at 10:00am and finish by 3:00pm.

Membership will include representation from the following "traditional" groups:

  • the Returned & Services League of Australia
  • the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia
  • the Vietnam Veterans' Peacekeeping & Peacemaking Association
  • the Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans Association
  • the Defence Force Welfare Association
  • the Defence Reserves Association
  • the War Widows' Guild of Australia
  • Sydney Legacy
  • the Partners of Veterans Association
  • the NSW/ACT TIP Consultative Group.

These members will be "appointed" on the recommendation of their ex-service organisation.

To enhance focus on contemporary clients, membership may also include:

  • individual veterans or serving members with known capable of providing input and value to the Forum
  • leaders within young veterans community groups
  • young War Widows or other dependants (in-service death post-2000)
  • current reservists and/or Defence Reserves Support representative
  • young veteran's/ serving member's parent/s
  • Defence spouse and/or carer/ spouse of injured veteran
  • active social media administrators/ contributors
  • Defence Rehabilitation Coordinators or Personnel Coordination Officers
  • Trust and/or Welfare Agency representatives.

These attendees will be invited by the Deputy Commissioner to individual meetings, not endorsed or recommended by, nor requiring membership of, an ex-service organisation, and not be "appointed".

Sitting fees are not payable, however, travel assistance may be offered to non-Sydney metropolitan attendees.

Attendees will be expected to be aware of and seek the views of others in their "category" through, for example, social media contact. It is envisaged that members and attendees will investigate and report on identified issues as they relate to their group.​

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