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Last updated: 
7 August 2020

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The Social Network of Graduates (SNoG) is an easy way to meet graduates from other departments who are in the same boat as you. In addition, it is a great way to learn about ‘grad life’ from current and past graduates based in the ACT. SNoG holds various social events and functions. DVA pays for graduates to be members of SNoG during their graduate year If you would like any further information, visit SNoG.

DVA Social Events

DVA will support you to become an active member or even a committee member of ACT DVA Social Club. This entails exciting opportunities to arrange and run major social activities to benefit local charities, worthy celebratory or commemorative events, and your workplace culture. Such activities are also a way to hone your networking, teamwork, event management, and project management skills, and be visible and recognised by your colleagues and executive staff.