Living and working in Canberra

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Each year Canberra welcomes many graduates from all over Australia to start work with the Australian Public Service. Canberra, which is also known as the nation's capital, contains all the facilities of a city but also uniquely has the feel of a country town. With Canberra being situated only three hours away from Sydney and seven hours away from Melbourne, many locals drive to Sydney and Melbourne on weekends. In addition, Canberra is only approximately 60 minutes from north to south across the city, which makes everything conveniently within close proximity. Canberra is also known to have beautiful low humidity summer days and has more average hours of sunshine each day than other states such as Queensland. So with the snow and beach only a couple of hours away, there is always something to do!

DVA provides a relocation assistance package for its incoming graduates. This can include travel, removal of your personal belongings and temporary accommodation, depending on your individual needs.

If you would like any further information on Canberra’s attractions, living conditions and events, visit the following websites:

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