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If you want to join a graduate program where you are be valued, visible, and able to make a difference then this is the opportunity for you. We invest heavily in our graduates’ career development and support them to meet the challenges our program presents.

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Our program commences in late January or early February each year and begins with an extensive orientation.

Over a series of weeks, you will be provided unique access to our senior executives and management who will introduce you to key aspects of the department and its business. You will also be provided with opportunities to network and to see first-hand some of the department’s commemorative work, as well as immerse yourself in cultural learning workshops.

In short, we will set you up to start your year off on the best foot.

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Mentoring and support

Graduate supervisors at DVA are carefully selected, and possess the leadership skills and knowledge required to support you throughout your graduate year (and beyond).

We also provide our graduates with ‘buddies’ who have been through our program. Your Buddy will help you to transition into working life, navigate the department and working environment, and adjust to life in a new location.

Our graduates enter into a performance agreement with supervisors in each of their three business area rotations. This provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and talk with your supervisor to better understand what is expected, and your development needs and aspirations. Our performance feedback scheme is designed to help ensure you are on track and achieving your development and business goals.

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Learning and Development

Graduates have access to both formal and informal Learning and Development opportunities. Our program is currently under review so details about what this specifically looks like will be determined shortly. We will share any exciting new opportunities with candidates throughout the recruitment process.

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Further studies

DVA offers its employee’s generous study assistance and study leave should they desire to further their education after the Graduate Program year.



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