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News from the Australian War Memorial: Items for sale

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To order, visit the Australian War Memorial’s online shop.

Front view of an Audi car with a large red poppy attached to the front grille

Memorial car poppy

Adorn your car with this commemorative car poppy as a gesture of remembrance.

Moulded from durable plastic, this large red poppy can be easily fastened to the front grille of most vehicles.

A donation of $1.00 from every sale will be given to Legacy.

$9.99 each.

Front cover of Heroes of Hamel

Heroes of Hamel: the Australians and Americans whose WWI victory changed modern warfare

By Stephen Dando-Collins

The Battle of Hamel was remarkable for its short duration, the tactics employed, numerous acts of extreme bravery, and that for the first time in history American troops fought under Australian command.

Dando-Collins explores this significant Allied victory, which was achieved in a staggering 93 minutes, and the roles played by Lieutenant-General John Monash, and Victoria Cross recipients Private Henry Dalziel and Lance Corporal Jack Axford among others.

Soft cover, 336 pages. $34.99

Cover of a book called ANZACS on the Western Front

Anzacs on the Western Front – 100th anniversary edition
The Australian War Memorial battlefield guide

By Peter Pedersen with Chris Roberts

Newly updated and lavishly illustrated, this is the perfect book for anyone who wants to explore the battlefields of the Western Front, either in person or from the comfort of home.

In chronological order from 1916 through 1918, the book leads readers through every major engagement the ANZACs fought in.

Soft cover, photographs, maps, 600 pages. $49.95

Cover of a video called Kokoda: The spirit lives

Kokoda: The spirit lives (DVD)

Kokoda: The spirit lives takes you on a fascinating journey of discovery, walking in the footsteps of the diggers who saved Australia’s liberty on the treacherous Kokoda Track during the Second World War.

This modern telling gives them a voice, honours their sacrifices and their legacy, and helps to pass on their story to future generations. Includes a bonus documentary Kokoda … the last parade.

Two-disc DVD, rated E, 43 minutes. $49.99

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