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Memorial acquires RF-111C aircraft

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A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F-111 aircraft currently at the South Australian Aviation Museum will be transferred to the Australian War Memorial’s collection.

Aircraft A8 134 is an RF-111C, a reconnaissance variant of the F-111C, which itself is a variant of the F-111.

The US company General Dynamics built the F-111C for the Australian Government. The F-111C featured longer wings and a strengthened undercarriage. During 1979 and 1980, four of these aircraft were converted to the RF-111C variant with the addition of reconnaissance equipment in their underbellies.

Aircraft A8 134 is the sole surviving RF-111C that took part in missions over East Timor.

The F-111 fleet contained supersonic tactical attack aircraft that also filled the roles of strategic strike, aerial-reconnaissance and electronic warfare.

From 1973, A8-134 served with both No. 1 and No. 6 Squadrons in the RAAF. It remained a reconnaissance aircraft from the time of its conversion in 1980 until its retirement on 3 December 2010.

The aircraft’s transfer to the Memorial will be completed by mid-2019, and after restoration it will be considered for future display.

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